Park & Ride – Once you arrive at the car park you will need to travel to the airport. Car park distances from airports vary so take note when booking, some Park & Ride products are within walking distance of the airport, others require a shuttle bus. Some allow you to park your own vehicle and keep your keys, others require you to park in a holding area and leave your keys.

Meet & Greet – Drive directly to the airport terminal where your chosen provider will meet you. They will do a quick walk around your vehicle with you, then take your keys and park your vehicle for you, leaving you to just walk into the airport terminal. On your return your vehicle will be brought back to you at the terminal of your choice.

Valet Parking – Unlike Meet & Greet parking which requires you to meet the driver at the terminal, you simply drive to the airports valet area, leave your car there and hand your keys into reception before walking to your terminal. Your vehicle is then parked for you.

Most car parks are independently owned and therefore make their own decisions on price. Price depends on a number of factors including availability, type and quality of service provided, distance from airport and how popular/established they are. Car parks closely monitor their availability for all dates of the year and adjust prices as they fill up to ensure they don't overbook their car park. This also helps to maximise their businesses profit and maintain a consistent brand presence. For this reason summer bookings tend to cost more than in winter because the car park availability is lower. This is why you should aim to book your airport car park as far in advance as possible - prices will never go down as we approach the next summer.

Airport parking is an unregulated industry, you don’t need a qualification to become a car park owner, you just need land and a driving license. This is why there is always an influx of new car park companies at the start of summer, people with land near an airport looking to earn a quick profit, however unfortunately many do not survive. Car parking as a business requires skill and careful management, with hundreds or even thousands of cars entering and exiting every day, it can quickly become messy for the inexperienced. Experience is not just down the how long a car park has been in business either, often with very large car parks there is an equally large staff turnover, so although the car park itself may be well established there may also be a high volume of new and inexperienced drivers, which is the important part for you as the car owner. The fact is well established (and more expensive) products are seldom seen in the news. In many cases the safest choice tends to be the off site, family-run businesses who maintain a comparatively modest operation with long serving staff members.

So remember, going for the cheapest price is seldom the best option. Always choose a professional agent with experience to provide you with the best car parks, and the knowledge and assistance you need to ensure you have a stress free experience.

Please make sure you check your confirmation email and instructions for arrival well in advance as procedures vary for each parking provider. Your chosen service provider will meet you at the airport however they will need to be given notice that you are on your way. Most providers will expect you to call them 15-45 minutes before your arrival at the terminal. During busy times you may need to make several attempts to get through so do ensure you call in good time. Please note that Priority Booker is only your booking agent, and therefore does not meet you at the airport personally, you must liaise with your chosen parking provider using the instructions given in your email confirmation.

Please contact the Priority Booker Customer Services Team using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com.

Any changes within 24 hours of your original booking date/time will not be possible regardless of your chosen product and may require rebooking at the RRP, so do ensure you enter your information correctly. Please note that any amendments may be chargeable and this is dependant on your chosen provider, not a condition of Priority Booker. 'Non-flex’ products are by definition non-flexible and therefore can not be amended. 'Flex' products can be amended however some may still charge an admin fee. If you have an emergency please contact us using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com and we will do what we can to assist however we are not obligated to make any exceptions to the aforementioned information.

Please contact the Priority Booker Customer Services Team using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com with your correct details and we will amend this for you free of charge.

Please contact the Priority Booker Customer Services Team using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com as soon as possible. Many Meet & Greet products are terminal specific so amendments may incur a fee and/or price adjustment. Many Park & Ride products are also terminal specific and may also require an amendment fee and/or price adjustment. Changes within 24 hours of travel may not be possible and may require full rebooking at the RRP.

Address details are for billing purposes only. We do not use this information for any other purpose.

Please check your junk/spam folder first. If you need us to resend your confirmation email please contact us using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com and we will resend your confirmation email.

Please contact us using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com and we will resend your confirmation to you.

If you are not able to access your confirmation email using a mobile device, please make a note of your booking reference number, the car park contact numbers and any directions/procedure information prior to travelling to the airport. It is your responsibility to follow the correct procedures as detailed in your confirmation, though a physical copy of your booking confirmation is not required upon arrival at the car park.

Please note the 'transfer time’ for each product when choosing your car park as well as the method of transfer (on foot, shuttle bus, taxi etc). Transfer times can vary during busy periods and/or as a result of roadworks or other conditions affecting normal operations, and are provided as a guide only. Please arrive with time to spare, do not leave your arrival to the last minute. Meet & Greet products do not have a transfer time as you will drive directly to the departure terminal.

Please contact us using the Contact Us page, email us directly at support@prioritybooker.com. As long as you have NOT chosen a ‘non-flexible’ product (which you cannot amend or cancel) and the required 72 hour minimum notice is given, we will cancel your booking and refund the price of your parking in full. All cancellations are subject to a £10.00 cancellation charge unless you purchased cancellation cover at the same time as the original booking, in which case no admin fee is incurred. Under no circumstance is the cancellation cover charge or booking fee charge refundable. Please note that Non-Amendable bookings cannot be cancelled or amended and no refunds can be issued. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

All cancellations require a 72 hour notice period regardless of when the booking has been made or whether cancellation cover has been purchased. Customers who have not complied with either the on-screen booking or confirmation requirements (eg. Not followed the directions or contacted the car park/chauffeur) will not be eligible for a refund. Booking fees are non-refundable. No refunds are given for unused or part stays. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

It is essential that you inform the car park and receive acknowledgement of any changes, however small. Airport car parks are unlike typical car parks and often require numerous cars to be moved out of the way in order to get yours out. Meet & Greet providers must also ensure they have an adequate number of chauffeurs for the number of vehicles travelling each day, so if your arrival changes cause disruption you may be required to wait longer than expected. Minor deviations to arrival times may be accepted by providers if no waiting charges have been incurred, though you should expect delays to your onward journey in this case. Extensive last minute changes will affect your journey and you should expect delays in this case, and you may also incur additional fees. Unused or part-used stays are not partially refundable. Providers will charge you directly for any overstays and this is out of Priority Bookers control.

Please check your flight information for your required check-in time. It is your responsibility to ensure you give yourself enough time to park and travel to the airport in time to make your check-in. Typically you should want to arrive at the check-in desk 3 hours prior to travel for International flights and 2 hours prior for internal flights. So do ensure you add time to account for transfer times and general flexibility (eg removing luggage from cars, getting lost, queues, bathroom breaks etc).

This is dependant on the car park service chosen. Unless stated, you will be required to leave your keys.

Pre-booking is vastly cheaper than paying on arrival, and you get the peace of mind in knowing where you are going in advance, and that you are guaranteed a space at your chosen car park.

Priority Booker is a pre-booking service and cannot take payment on arrival.

Please contact us using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com and we will send this to you.

All Priority Booker car parks go through numerous and regular checks to ensure basic levels of security are met. Airport car parks on or off site can sometimes fall short of basic requirements which is why Priority Booker will never list a car park that does not meet these reasonable standards. Additionally, car parks can achieve accreditations from various parking bodies for example ParkMark and BPA. These independent organisations provide extra layers of reassurance, security and professionalism. Parking your car at the airport can be a worrying experience with so many unregulated businesses in existence, so by using a trusted and professional booking agent such as Priority Booker, you can relax in the knowledge that we will always provide you with well established, professional and accredited parking providers.

The gate price is the price you pay on arrival if you have not pre-booked. Booking in advance can save you as much as 70% off the gate price.

When your payment has been authorised you will be shown a confirmation page with all the details you need. You may print this page for your records if you wish however all the information will also be sent to you via email. Please make sure you check for receipt of this email and contact us immediately should you have not received it.

A week long trip must factor the day you arrive at the car park and the the day you depart the car park, i.e. a 7 day trip will result in an 8 day booking for the car park, the same is true for a 2 week trip.

Priority Booker as the booking agent aims to provide you, the customer, with a flawless booking and customer service experience across a range of secure and accurately priced products, and we are more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Though we are not responsible for the actual service provided, as this is the responsibility of the service provider, we will provide you with the advice and assistance you need should you experience a problem with the service provider themselves. Please send your complaint by post to Priority Booker Ltd, Unit 1 Barons Court, Graceways, Blackpool FY4 5GP or contact us using the Contact Us page or email us at support@prioritybooker.com. You will receive a response no later than 7 working days of us receiving your complaint. Please ensure your contact details are thorough so we are able to get in touch with you quickly. Please note that Priority Booker is only your booking agent and is not responsible for the service itself though we will endeavour to help you resolve your complaint with the service provider. You must also ensure you inform and gain acknowledgement from the car park or chauffeur at the time of the complaint if at all possible.